Diary number 1

I am going to write these blog posts biweekly now. And I am going to share all the little fun and amazing things that happened over the last two weeks. More or less, it is gonna be iPhone dump of all the things that happened in last two weeks. And I am gonna give them a very cliche name – Diary Number ***

I got inspired by this idea through my favorite Lifestyle Blogger – Carly Riordan. I am already too excited to be writing this blog post. I hope I continue the streak and then we will be having two such blog posts every month.

So I wanna start with the best summer dress that I got from Amazon. I also made a blog post on that. I have been buying a lot of stuff this summer. The major reason for that is that I have not been able to travel anywhere due to covid so this is kind of compensation for that .. lol.. and weather has been amazing to enjoy all these beautiful summer dresses.

I am always obsessed with organizing my house , especially the drawers. So the most recent drawer that I organized was this Tea drawer. It was clearly a mess due to all the random tea products that I had in there. So I bought this amazing organizer for storing it. And just look at the before and after pictures of it.

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend so on Friday we met our friends after almost four months at this beautiful park called waverly beach park. Sunset was so pretty and enjoyable. Sharing one picture of the sunset that I captured.

On Saturday, I cooked this Chana with Puri and Halwa. If you are indian, you will understand how special dish this is. It was so good and fulfilling. A perfect start to Memorial Day long weekend.

Sunday was a pretty low-key day. Chillaxed at home. But on Monday, it was my husband’s birthday so we took a road trip to Larrabee State Park and Chuckanut Drive. It was an amazing road trip. The weather was also so amazing. Sharing a few pics here but also drafting a separate blog post for that road trip.

I have been on the edge from past two years about whether I want to buy nespresso or not. Finally made the plunge and got nespresso vertuonext. I got this one from Costco. It came in a bundle and had some extra coffee pods that I was not able to find in Amazon. Tried a few coffees in this one and I am loving it so far.

Rest of this week was a pretty regular one with lots of office work involved. It has been keeping me busy. Looking forward to creating another diary entry in two weeks. Hope you guys enjoy this series.

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  1. Storyteller says:

    What is the Indian dish. Do I spell it in the same way as your post?


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