My beauty must haves for Summer 2021

When summer rolls around, I always find myself shifting my beauty routine a lil bit. And that is due to different reasons. One my skin is not too dry as it is for rest of the year. And also in summer, there are a lot of makeup products that I don’t like putting on my skin. Next, I have to make some small adjustments to make sure everything still looks a-ok in the heat. No one wants their makeup melting off and I also have to take into account things like sunglasses constantly coming on and off my face.

While some products stay in my routine whether it’s winter or summer, certain products always make the ceremonial switch when the warm weather comes around. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite makeup products that I can’t stop loving for summer.

BB Creams and CC Creams

I can’t do summers without using CC creams. I strongly dislike putting on foundation in summers as they tend to make my skin dry and also gets to the point of breaking really really soon. So in summers, I shift entirely to using BB creams. And my favorite one has to be

It cosmetics CC cream

I’ve been hooked on this CC creamfor a few summers now and have gotten a lot of my friends and family hooked too. It is a more full-coverage CC color correcting cream offering anti-aging skincare  and SPF 50.

What do I love about this CC cream? Firstly, I prefer it to foundations because it’s lightweight and stays put during the warm weather. It helps to camouflage my skin’s imperfections without looking or feeling cakey or overdone. Second, I like it more than other CC creams because while being lightweight it still provides decent coverage.

My suggestion for this CC Cream is just to give it a try, there’s a reason it’s a #1 best-selling formula. You can grab the travel-size from Ulta and not pay full-price so you can give it a go with less of the commitment.

Highlight Palettes

Let’s move right along to highlight palettes. I have three that I love, two being from Becca because no matter what everyone else is trying, Becca is still the queens of highlighters in my book. They just get it. There are some killer highlighters out there, but I always find myself gravitating back to my Becca ones.

Eye Makeup

When it comes to summertime makeup, I tend to pull back on the eyeshadow. Not only are my eyes usually behind sunglasses, but the last thing I want is a beautiful smokey eye that mixes with heat and humidity and turns into a smokey mess.

I’ve tried my fair share of liquid liners. Between gel, pencil, and liquid liners I’m a liquid liner girl 100%. I’m constantly searching for the perfect one…and yet I always come back to this one. L’Oreal just gets it with this liner. It’s highlight pigmented, mega fluid, and long lasting. Now, keep in mind I do not have oily eyelids so I can’t speak to my ladies who have that problem. But, for me, it’s a ride-or-die liner. For those summer days when I don’t want to fuss with my eye makeup, a quick swipe of liquid liner and dab of mascara can instantly open up my eyes and make me feel put together.

Summer Lip Picks

Sure, I wear brights all year long, but there’s something about the warm weather that makes it that much more fun. The year I’m really craving corals and red-oranges as well as my always favorite hot pinks.

Revlon HD Lip Color

I adore these things. I’ve sung their praises for a long time now and own almost every color at this point. They are insanely comfortable, easy to wear, long-lasting, and come in an awesome range of colors.

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