Current Gratitude List

This is another series I have been thinking of creating for the blog. I will try to create atleast one or two blog posts in this series every month. 2021 Slump has been real. I am still working from home. Summer in Seattle has still been very non-existant. It rained a lot even today and mind you Its 6th June today. So expecting sunshine now shouldnt be difficult. So just trying to stay grateful by creating this list that i can look into and feel grateful for everything good going on in life and in world.

1. Covid Vaccines

In USA, almost 51% of people are vaccinated and that feels great. I am grateful that these covid vaccines have helped all of us to come to somewhat normal state. People all over the world are getting vaccinated and I am hoping the world is vaccinated soon so that we can go into a normal soon.

2. At-Home workouts

I’m so grateful for wonderful stream-able workouts. I miss the gym terribly– especially the community aspect of it. (And the accountability of having a class on my calendar!) But having the Peloton and doing Chloe Ting workouts has been honestly *so fun* and feels like being in a gym with other people minus the spread of germs, of course.

3. Summer is right around the corner

I am totally tired of cold and damp weather in Seattle. And now that summer is right around the corner, i cant stop feeling grateful for this fact. I really cant wait for hot days ahead of us. Wearing shorts and just picnic around in beaches around the washington state. I am just so excited

4. Online shopping

Online shopping has been such a source of joy for me the past 1.5 years. Joy of ordering something and waiting desperately for it to be delivered is unmatchable for me these days. I have been buying everything online these days. For grocery also, i have been using Instacart for Delivery. It is just so addicting and such a relief. I am really grateful for all these services and all the delivery guys who have been giving us this amazing useful service.

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