How I wind down on Sunday for a great start to the week.

If your week is always hectic, here is the perfect Sunday routine for you to get organized, relax, and be ready to hit the ground running on Monday.

I love Sundays.

A clean house, an organized week, time spent in nature with family… *breathes deep sigh of contentment*

I used to hate Sundays because it meant Monday was next.

I’ve created a Sunday routine for myself that sets my whole week up for success! It’s fantastic because it includes some prep work, some self care, and some organization. It makes me feel prepared for whatever life throws my way, and ready to move mountains come Monday.

Here are the 5 things I do to maximize productivity, clear some head space, and achieve more.

  1. Master To-Do List
    This is the most important activity for Sunday. And if I don’t spend some time on this activity, I know my week will not go that smooth. I take out a pen and paper and write down all the things that I need to accomplish in this week. This list includes every small and big activity. It can be related to work, cleaning or even mundane activities like returning Amazon stuff. This list really helps me stay sane and organized throughout the week.
    I also spend some time writing out all the goals that I have for the coming week. Once I have got all my goals written out, I also block out some time for that.
  2. Cleaning and Decluttering
    I just hate if I wake up on Monday and there are still dishes in the sink or if clean clothes are still lying around in Dryer and not folded properly. So I spend a major chunk of my day cleaning and decluttering the stuff. It just means that Kitchen needs to be clean, Laundry is all clean and folded away, All beds have clean sheets, House is vacuumed, Bathroom is deep cleaned.
    If you haven’t built a habit of cleaning and decluttering yet, my list might be overwhelming for you, and that’s okay! Start with one thing (like wiping down your kitchen counters), and work your way up to a clean/decluttered house.
  3. Meal Planning
    This is a big one! If I don’t know what we’re eating for supper the following week, we will definitely be eating junk out of the pantry. Pinterest + bullet journal = 7 delicious & nutritious dinners planned for my family.

Use Pinterest to your advantage, and find healthy recipes you can fuel your body with all week.

Write out your plan

  • in your bullet journal,
  • on a chalk board, (if you want to get real cute!)
  • or a sticky note on the fridge (if you just need to get started!)

Then, based on your meal plan, put together a grocery list for Monday. I use the free ‘Out of Milk’ app so that I can share my list with my husband when he goes to the store. I love keeping the list on my phone so that I can add to it whenever I think of something!
All together, meal planning/prepping takes me about an hour, and saves me at least twice that the rest of the week!
4. Self Care

Make time for you.

You’ve got a big week ahead and if you want to bring your best self all week you need to reenergize and refuel your mind, body, and spirit on Sunday.

My favorite self care activities include

  • Taking a bath with candles right before bed
  • Spending the entire evening reading a good book
  • Practicing yoga
  • Meditating for reeeaallly long (which, let’s be honest, is like 20 minutes)
  • Journaling all of my thoughts out
  • Expressing creativity (watercolor painting and calligraphy for me, but it could be anything for you!)
  • Drawing out more of my bullet journal

Can you tell I’m an introvert?

It is essential that you do something on Sunday that is just. for. you.

If you can’t take time for yourself, you will not show up the way you want to for others

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