How to drink more water

  1. Buy a cute water bottle that tracks your daily intake. I know for myself I am not drinking enough water with just a 12oz glass I fill up every few hours! Since buying one of these mega sized water bottles I definitely know I am drinking more water & find myself drinking it more consistently. You can also see exactly how many oz you have had that day; so you know when to pick it up and drink more! The first few days using this bottle I was shocked how little I went to grab & drink from it. So it also sort of trains you to realize how much more you need to be drinking. Easy to wash by throwing it all in the dishwasher every few days.
  2. Set out your water bottle by the fridge/sink every night.I find that being consistent with setting my water bottle out each night helps me remember to fill it up each morning. Pretty simple! I like to fill the water bottle with big ice cubes & filtered water that is in the fridge – so having it sit out the night before right by the fridge helps me remember.
  3. Fill it up each morning first thing.Of course when you wake up each morning there are a million things on your mind, but if you can remember to grab your water bottle from beside the fridge and fill it up as one of the first things you do it can become a habit!
  4. Put a slice of lemon in it. Recently I have been adding a few lemon slices & lots of ice into my water bottle. The extra little bit of flavor makes it easier to drink. It could also be fun to swap up the fruit and try new ones! I have even heard that a little bit of mint is tasty. I love having a bowl of lemons of my counter too because they just look bright & fresh and smell so good. Win-win.
  5. Make it a game!Grab your husband/wife or roommate and make it a challenge! See who can drink their full water bottle each day for a week straight – winner gets dinner paid for or something fun like that.

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  1. Dr Ash Diamond says:

    TIP: Filled you fridge up with water bottles so the first thing you’ll see in the morning as you open fridge is water, put water bottle near your phone when studying so whenever you pick your phone, you pick some water too, and lastly, filled your jug with water and some berries and put that on table so whenever you go somewhere, this colorful catchy jug captured your attention and that’s how you’ll arrange so much time to drink water a lot.


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