3 things I do when I have writer’s Block

I have been writing blog posts for almost a year now.. And if there is one thing i have noticed in past year that is that everyday is different. There are days when you are pretty comfortable with writing blog posts and there are days when words just doesnt come out of your mind well. There are a certain things i have been trying from time to time when i have writer’s block.

  1. Go to pinterest: Go to pinterest and look for certain ideas. Here my number 1 tip would be “Be inspired from other’s work but never copy it” Just take some idea and then write it in your own thoughts. This way, the blog post would be more close to your heart and your hard work will also reflect in that
  2. Relax and give yourself some time : I just take a break and don’t force myself to write something instantly. I prefer that way because otherwise posts will never be the way I prefer them to be.
  3. Go to my favorite bloggers blogs and take some ideas: The only thing I follow at this time “Get Inspired, but never copy”. You should never copy your content from others. That is not a right thing to do and can never be. You want your blog to reflect your imagination and not others.

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