On My Radar

It is another friday. This week has been a literal blur for me. Monday felt like thursday and then today i feel like the week literally flew by. Amazon Prime day was good, got some great deals. Got a new instant pot at a great price. Already cooked two recipes in that.

Here’s another things that have been in my radar:

  1. Cable Knit Sweater: I am loving this sweater and definitely going to order it pretty soon. In seattle, it is totally sweater weather right now.
  2. Sasuke Retsuden Novel: I started watching an amazing anime last month which is called Naruto and naruto shippudrn and I have been obsessed with everything related to it. Finished reading two novels associated to it but really want to get my hands over this novel now which I am sure is going to be amazing but I can’t find a good English translation of that novel.
  3. Naruto Sasuke Mug: Another thing related to naruto. Yes that’s how obsessed I am right now. I need to get this mug as soon as possible. Perfect for this cold weather.

Have an amazing weekend guys.

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